A Message from the Master

Wednesday 27th May, 2020

As you read this you may well be like me, going video conference call crazy, trying to make sense of what is going on with the world and making the best decisions you can given the relatively limited amount of information that is available that seems to change almost daily. To use an often-repeated phrase ‘we are in unprecedented times.’

As you would expect we are reviewing our events calendar and are making some changes to them. Everyone’s safety and well-being is our prime concern and it is with this in mind that we are looking at our events. We will let you know of any changes that occur.
Those who are ill, have suffered losses of friends or family or have lost their jobs and are worried about their future should be at the forefront of our minds at this time and we need to ask ourselves; how can we help; what can I do?

I have been made aware of a few of our members volunteering in their communities to deliver prescriptions, go shopping for the vulnerable and telephone those who are on their own. All credit to them and thank you for stepping up. If you are able, I would urge you to do something similar and do please let me know so we can spread these good news stories. Fellowship is something we as a Livery company pride ourselves in and I would be pleased to read and pass on stories from you of good deeds.

My message though at this time is one of safety; look after yourselves and others where you can. Please be aware that we are fortunate in our company inasmuch that we have a very good welfare officer in the form of Jeremy Batchelor who is willing to take calls or an e-mail from you if you are feeling the strain at this time. His expertise is on an entirely confidential basis and he can be contacted either by e-mail at : welfareofficer@wcosp.org.

Canon Roger Hall, Padre to our company, has let us know that he says prayers for our company in the Chapel St Peter-ad-Vincula at The Tower of London every Thursday. Do take comfort from this and please, do stay safe.

Michael Barley