Annual Dinner 2019

Tuesday 4th February, 2020

By kind permission of The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Peter Estlin, The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals were able to hold their Annual Dinner in the Egyptian Hall at Mansion House on Monday the 7th October 2019. As the Lord Mayor was overseas the dinner was hosted by The Lord Mayor Locum Tenens Alderman Sir David Wotton (who was Lord Mayor in 2011-12 and is an Hon Liveryman of the Company) who was greeted by a bugle fanfare from The London Banqueting Ensemble.

Once again, this year’s feast lived up to the reputation of the Egyptian Hall being one of the most prestigious venues in the City of London. Guests were greeted on arrival by the Master, Mr Michael Barley, Mrs Jayne Barley and the Senor Warden Mrs Yasmeen Stratton and Mr John Stratton.

Prior to grace the Honorary Chaplin, Revd Canon Roger Hall MBE, paid a tribute to last year’s Master Phill Hagon and expressed his and the Company’s best wishes to his widow Maggie Hagon and his two daughters. The Hall then came together for a minute’s silence.

As this dinner celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Company, the guests included some of the principle Founders John Purnell, Roy Ramm, Per-Olof Loof and Peter French.

The Company were honoured to have the presence of both Sheriff Mr Christopher Hayward and Alderman & Sheriff Prof Micheal Mainelli for the highlight of the evening, the presentation of the 2019 Sheriffs’ Award. This annual award, instituted in 2006 by the Company, is a national award for bravery, celebrating heroes or organisations who have contributed to safeguarding our “people, property or our liberty.” Attracting many notable nominations each year the choice of the award winner is always a difficult task for the judging panel, which includes the two Sheriffs of the City of London.

In front of some 200 Members and guests the 2019 Sheriffs’ Award was presented by the two Sheriffs, to Mr Joby Reeve, an off-duty CoLP officer who intervened in an attack by criminals on mopeds and was stabbed as a result. The Citation was read out by Court Assistant and Chair of M&F Mr Michael Thwaites. {See Full Citation – attached}

As the Master noted “Joby’s instant reaction to a robbery committed with knives was a very courageous act. Even after sustaining an injury he continued to restrain the robbers, which led to their arrest. He is the very worthy recipient of the 2019 award.”

The Annual Dinner also saw the award of The RMP Provost Marshal (Army) Sword, which is presented annually at the Annual Dinner to the individual who, in the eyes of the Master, has done most to promote and support the work of the Company. For 2019 the winner was, Liveryman Ray Williams, for his endless work and commitment to the Company and in particular, to the work he has done to help establish the Apprentice Scheme, serving as Apprentice Master and in creating the great relationship the Company now has with Kings College London. Ray was presented with the Sword by Brigadier Vivienne Buck, Provost Marshal (Army), who took over the role on 19th July 2019.

The role of Provost Marshal (Army), is one of the most ancient appointments in the whole of the British Services. The title dates back to 1511 when Sir Henry Guildford was appointed the first Provost Marshal. Over half a millennium later, it is with much pride that the first female Provost Marshal (Army) has taken up post.

Brig Buck says; “It is a great privilege and honour for me to have been appointed as the 43rd Provost Marshal (Army) and the first female to assume the appointment. It is encouraging that the RMP is a shining example of equality across all ranks including Brigadier.”

As the Master noted “The RMP sword was presented to the Company by Liveryman Brigadier Eddie Forster-Knight in order we can recognise great work by a member of the company. Ray Williams’ work with our Apprentices is of great benefit to the company and he is very deserving of this recognition.”

The Master also announced the funding of a new initiative; The Per Loof Apprentice Travel Bursary scheme, which was been made possible by the generous donation of Ten Thousand Pounds by Per-Olof Loof, a founding member of our company.

As the Master noted “Per’s very generous donation helps our apprentices in traveling to and from London for company events. We are all aware of the increasing costs of travel so this initiative will help enormously. We are very grateful to Per.”

The Master also announced that this will be Tricia’s last Annual Dinner as Clerk and thanked her for the time effort and commitment to the Company over her years of service. The Hall erupted into a spontaneous round of applause as everyone present wished to join in the Master in thanking Tricia for her service to the Company.

The Master also recorded his thanks to the generous sponsors of the evening Wilson James whose support helps to ensure a generous donation is made to the Charity. The Master presented Mr Crawford Boyce and Ms Gemma Quirke of Wilson James with a certificate of thanks to recognise their contribution.

The Security Professionals are now reported to be the fifth largest, by membership number, of the 110 City of London Livery Companies, which reflects its popularity within the Security Industry. The Company has, through initiatives such as the Sheriffs’ Award, The Whittington Course and the Charted Security Professional (CySP) qualification that is operated under the Company’s Royal Charter, created a notable legacy for an organisation that is not quite 20 years old and reflects its desire to attract members from all parts of the wider world of security and at every level. The Company is just as keen to welcome new Apprentices as they are CEOs of the UK’s major security companies.

By hosting excellent events such as the Annual Dinner at Mansion House there is no doubt that the company will continue to prosper and to continue to be successful in the future.

The 2019 Sheriffs Award for Bravery Citation

On Saturday 11th August 2018 two off duty police officers heard the sounds of screaming coming from the street outside their home.

Being off duty and therefore not having his personal protection equipment, radio, or indeed any shoes on his feet, Detective Constable Joby Reeve ran outside and quickly realised that a member of the public had just been assaulted and robbed by a gang of four on mopeds.

Joby launched himself at the two people on one of the mopeds and managed to force them to the ground.

As he and the two robbers stood up, one produced an eight-inch bladed knife. The robber went to stab Joby and, from the angle at which the knife was held, it was evident he was intending to stab him in the chest.

Joby therefore kicked at the robber with all the force he could muster, the result being that he managed to push the robber back slightly, causing the knife to miss Joby’s chest, but instead stabbing him in the top of the thigh.

Notwithstanding his injury, Joby then stood his ground between the armed robbers and their original victim, forcing their retreat.

They fled and were subsequently arrested.

Thankfully Joby has now almost recovered from the injury he sustained, although he still has nerve damage.

The Sheriffs of the City of London have decided that Detective Constable Joby Reeve, of the City of London Police, is the very worthy recipient of the 2019 Sheriffs Award for Bravery.

I commend him to you all.

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