Apprentice Managers and Apprentices Networking Event – Curry Night at 3MI Worship Street

Tuesday 4th February, 2020

On the evening of Thursday 19th September a networking event for all Apprentices and Apprentice Masters was held in the Officers’ Mess of 3MI. A total of 37 people attended the event which included, as special guests, one of the Principle Founders and now Honorary Liveryman of the Company John Purnell and Past Master Peter French who was the Master at the time we became a full Worshipful Livery Company. The other guests, who are also Apprentice Masters, were the Master Michael Barley and Past Master Simon Imbert.

Whilst we all outwardly and thoroughly enjoy fancy dinners and exclusive tours in incredible buildings with great histories, hearing tales of court cases, ancient smuggling and Tower ravens (my personal favourite), a simple curry and a beer can make for an equally enjoyable evening.

Curry, beer, and, may I add, great company! As far as I’m aware, this was the first relatively informal event of its type that has been held and it was a fantastic opportunity for the Apprentices and Apprentice Masters to meet in this setting. The others and I were fascinated by the story, delivered personally and with great humour by John Purnell, supported by Past Masters Peter French and Simon Imbert (both of whom we learnt are also Principle Founder Members of the Company), of the formation of the Company and the years that precede it, and we felt lucky to receive the speech in a light-hearted manner from those that made it all happen in the first place. The group learned how disbelief in the City about what seemed to be a flight of fancy has developed into mutual respect as the Livery, then Company and now Worshipful Company achieved the goals and financial targets set by the City and has now firmly established itself as one of the most active and progressive modern Livery Companies.


The chance to meet and talk with other Apprentice Masters where otherwise we might not, and another event at which to see other Apprentices – many of whom are friends – was wonderful. It always surprises me how far this Company has been able to come in such a short period of time, and that is surely largely on the part of the relationships within it.

Finally thanks to the CO of 3MI for allowing the use of his facility, to Karen Dobson, 3MI’s Master Chef for preparing an excellent Curry Supper and covering the bar for us and Apprentice Management Group Chairman Andrew Knights for arranging the event.

May this fun and well-attended relaxed dinner be the first of many!

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