History of the Apprentice scheme

The Apprentice Scheme was originally created in 2008 when the Court of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals agreed to admit Apprentices into the Company. The first Apprentice was George Bignold and the first Apprentice Master was Past Master Emeritus John Purnell, one of the co-Founders of the Company. The original scheme was further developed to its present form.

Introduction to the Apprentice Scheme

The Scheme is intended to give young people an introduction to the Company and the London Livery in the broadest sense, in line with the Customs of London Livery Companies. It is not designed to be a professional training scheme for the security industry and it is not a full time Apprenticeship.

The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals is one of the new, modern London Livery companies. It has a dynamic Apprentice Scheme, with around 30 Apprentices, aimed at ambitious young people who wish to become Freemen and Liveryman of the Company and as part of that journey, obtain an understanding of the history, traditions and the workings of the modern City of London. The Scheme aims to recruit 6 or 7 Apprentices a year, principally but not exclusively from education establishments and cadet organisation with whom the Company has an affiliation, with a view to providing a well-structured programme, with an enjoyable social dimension, to enable apprentices to begin developing career skills. It is open to young people in the age range 17 to 20 years at the time of inrolement and lasts for between four and six years.

An apprentice successfully completing the programme will receive the Freedom of the Company and continue as a Young Member of the Company. As well as Freedom of the Company the Apprentice will be presented to the Chamberlain of London to be made a Freeman of the City of London by Servitude. It is also hoped that the Apprentice will progress in the Company from being a Freeman to Liveryman, and take an active part in the activities of the Company.

Aims of the Apprentice Scheme

To recruit skilled and promising young people, from a wide range of suitable organisations, with a broad interest in the security field, who have potential for future advancement in their profession and who will in the future go on to be active and engaged Freemen and Liverymen of the Company.

To provide a well-structured programme, with an enjoyable social dimension, as the introduction to the principle security-based organisation, with the aim of enabling apprentices to begin developing career skills whilst also obtaining an understanding of the City of London, the London Livery, their history and traditions.

Duties of an Apprentice

Over the period of the apprenticeship (4-6 years) an Apprentice will be required to attend a number of compulsory and optional events, such as: the Master’s Installation, Founders’ Service, Common Hall, Carol Service, Annual Security Lecture as well as events especially organised for Apprentices.

Freedom of the Company

On the successful completion of the apprenticeship and upon proof of appropriate service, apprentices, provided they have attained the age of 21 years, may apply to the Court to be admitted to Freedom of the Company and later be presented to the Chamberlain of London to be made a Freeman of the City of London by Servitude.

Financial Implications

The Court has decided that in order to encourage recruitment, the financial burden on individual Apprentices should be kept to a minimum. Therefore, their costs are to be met through a combination of WCoSP Funds and support from each of the nominated Apprentice Masters.

Apprentice Masters will pay the initial Apprentice Fee and the Fee on eventual advancement to the Freedom of the Company.

The Company will fund one apprentice attendance at the six compulsory/designated events and the two apprentice events each year.

Apprentices, as full members of the Company, may attend most of the Company events but, except for the six compulsory and apprentice events listed above, they will be charged 50% of the ticket price – some or all of which Apprentice Masters may pay if they so wish.

On becoming a Freeman an Apprentice shall then be liable to pay the appropriate Young Member’s quarterage (Annual Membership Fee) each year.

Overall scheme management

The WCoSP Apprentice Scheme is managed for the Court by the Apprentice Management Group, which includes the Clerk, and is led by a Court Assistant. Details of the scheme can be obtained from the clerk or 01787 282777

The Apprentice Management Group Membership

  • Andrew Knights Hon. Court Assistant (Chairman)
  • Yasmeen Stratton (Master, ex-officio)
  • Stephen Anderton
  • Helene Gould
  • Simon Imbert
  • Paul Miller
  • Hugh Pickering-Carter
  • Tilly Sherwood
  • Richard Sweetman
  • Richard Thompson
  • Ray Williams
  • Steve Emmins (Senior Warden, ex-officio)
  • Adrienne Harper (The Clerk – in attendance)

Open invitations to attend AMG Meeting also extend to:

  • Richard King (Chair Services)
  • Paul Ramsay (Chair F&GP)
  • Andy Williams (Chair M&F)
  • Wes Harper (Chair Membership)
  • Jade Davies (Chair Young Members)

More about the Apprentice Scheme and how to apply can
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