Charitable Trust

Registered Charity Number 1088658

The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals Charitable Trust was set up by members of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals (“the Company”). It is a registered charity (1088658). Whilst a separate legal entity to the Company, there is a close working relationship, and each of the twelve Trustees must be a member of the Company. The Trustees, including the Master who is an ex officio member of the Board, meet regularly under the Chairmanship of Liveryman Claire Palmer, see Message from the Incoming Chair of Trustees February 2020.

The Charitable Trust also makes gifts to individuals, agencies or organisations, including other charitable organisations, linked to the provision of security or the protection of people and property. They may also make donations for other charitable purposes. This accords with the general nature of the Company’s Charitable Trust Deed and in the main enables the Company to support requests emanating from within the City of London.

The Trust also supports the Whittington Course, the Sheriffs’ Award as well as other prizes offered by the Company. Organisations currently supported include Friendship Works, Build Up Foundation, the London Air Ambulance, PTSD Resolution, and the Secure Futures initiative.

The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals Charitable Trust also administers The Security Benevolent Fund. This is a fund within the Charity which is there to assist members of the security profession who are distressed and in need of welfare support. Further details are available on the SBF page.

You can also make donations to The WCoSP Charitable Trust whilst you shop online using
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The Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of seven Court of Assistants trustees including the ex officio Master and not more than five Non-Court of Assistants trustees as follows:

  • Claire Palmer (Chairman)
  • Yasmeen Stratton (Master and ex-officio Trustee)
  • Kate Bright
  • James A Brown
  • Ashley Fernandes
  • Peter Fraser-Hopewell
  • Josef Khan (Treasurer)
  • Steve Marshall
  • Paul Miller
  • Crawford Robinson (Deputy Chairman)
  • Stuart Seymour
  • Vicki Vidler

In Attendance

  • Adrienne Harper (Clerk, in attendance)
  • Josef Khan (Company Treasurer)