Freemen’s Briefing and Networking Event

Thursday 14th May, 2020

On Thursday 23rd January 2020 the Company held its first Freemen’s briefing which was combined with a networking event, a curry supper in the executive conference suite of Estee Lauder.

The networking event and curry supper were made possible by the generous provision of the facilities by Estee Lauder and the sponsorship of the food and drink by CDVI for which the Company is most grateful.

The event was arranged and organised by Hon Court Assistant Andrew Knights. The response to the event was very positive and the agreed capacity was quickly reached, with the event being attended by 40 people including several Court representatives. Several Freeman who could not make the date expressed a desire to attend a future event.

The need for Freemen’s Briefing had been recognised for a couple of years and was intended to bring Freemen up to date with the developments in the Company in the period since they had joined and attended the New Members’ Briefing to check that they were progressing to become Freemen of the City of London and to refresh Freemen on the process for advancing to become a Liveryman within the Company with the rights and privileges that this affords and to highlight the opportunities that exist for engagement with the Company.

Those present also were able to enjoy an informal presentation on the formation of the Company and its development in the early days from one of the Principle Founders, Honorary Liveryman and Past Master Emeritus Mr Steve Neville OBE, and two of the Principle Founder Members, Past Master Peter French MBE and Past Master The Hon. Simon Imbert.

It is quite amazing and inspiring to hear the success stories and some of the near misses of the rapid development of the Company by the people who actually made it happen. The comments from those attending were very favourable with everyone feeling they had learnt a lot about the Company.