The Royal Charter and Bye Laws determine the governance arrangements for the organisation, together with the activities that it can pursue and the regulation of its procedures. The Company’s compliance with the Royal Charter and Bye Laws is overseen by the Privy Council.

The Royal Charter grants the Company its powers and sets out the objectives. The Bye Laws provide the framework for the rules of the Company which are contained in the Ordinances.

The Ordinances sit below the Royal Charter and Bye Laws, and these are in the control of the Company. They set out the operational process in respect of any matter related to the affairs of the Company and its Members.

The business of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals is managed by a Court of Liverymen elected by a ballot of the Liverymen and Freemen, assisted by Liverymen appointed by the Court as Honorary Court Assistants. The Court comprises the Officers of the Company (the Master, the Senior, Middle and Junior Wardens, the Immediate Past Master and the Treasurer), the Founding Past Master, three Past Masters, appointed Honorary Court Assistants and not less than eight and not more than twenty elected Liverymen known as Court Assistants. Officers, with the exception of the Treasurer, are elected annually by the Court whilst Court Assistants are elected, by the Liverymen and Freemen of the Company for a maximum continuous period of 12 years.

The Court has created Committees, all with specific functions and agreed terms of reference, to assist with the day-to-day management of the Company. In addition to this, the Court has also created Ad Hoc Groups, Working Groups and Sub-committees to assist with specific tasks and functions as and when required. All Committees, Ad Hoc Groups, Working Groups and Sub-committees, and their individual Terms of Reference, are detailed in the Ordinances.


The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals is a well-respected and supportive Livery Company of the Lord Mayor and the City of London, which is largely made up of practicing Security Professionals. It is a Company people will aspire to join to support our educational and charitable activities, whilst taking advantage of the networking opportunities the Company’s events provide.


  • To increase the awareness and recognition of the Company within the security profession and become the umbrella organisation for all non-competitive activities.
  • To play a full part in supporting the Lord Mayor and the City of London.
  • To support an identified number of trade related and other appropriate charities in a meaningful manner.
  • To support both trade and non-trade related educational projects to improve the standing of the profession.
  • To play a full part in supporting the Security Industry, developing standards to increase the standing and recognition of members by their peers and other professions.
  • To encourage a wider involvement of the members, freemen and liverymen in the organisation and activities of the Company.
  • To increase the interest in and enjoyment of Company events.