Qualification for Membership

The Membership of the Company is open to an individual who is, or has been either;

  • a security practitioner by profession, or
  • a person adjudged by the Court to have a strong interest in the Objects of the Company

Security Practitioner by Profession

In deciding if an applicant satisfies the requirement of being a “security practitioner by profession” the following considerations should apply:

“Security” will mean the protection, guarding or defence of persons, property (real and/or intellectual) or the Realm from threats posed by crime, terrorism, or business malpractice. It is the business of dealing with the risks presented by such threats and the creation of a response and/or defence to them. It will encompass everything that works towards the provision of protection, guarding or defence, including intelligence gathering, research and information technology.

“Practitioner” will mean that the person earns a living (or has in the past) within a business providing security [as defined above], and is involved in applying security principles and practices in either the private or public sector, or holds a senior professional or commercial position within such a business. There must be an element of management of the provision of security (which can be indirect, as with educators).

“By profession” will mean that the person is skilled in both the theory and practice of security provision, or is visibly qualified in a discipline directly connected to or directly related to security provision, and conducts their business with integrity and honourable practice. Such skill can have been achieved either through education or practical experience. The establishment of a good reputation in their field is essential.

The true test will be to ask if the person has made a worthwhile contribution to the profession of security provision, irrespective of the length of time of that contribution, or when it was.

Strong Interest in the Objects of The Company

Applicants who follow this path to membership will be no less welcome but they will need to submit with their application evidence of their ‘strong interest’ for consideration of those making a determination. The Membership Committee would expect, therefore:

  • that current or past working experience in or with the security industry is a principal requirement; there should be a clear link with the provision of security as defined for a practitioner above, and
  • that one or more of the following additional factors should be present:
    • has demonstrated support for the security industry;
    • has promoted/supported/encouraged standards of excellence, integrity and honourable practice in the security industry or in their chosen field;
    • has advanced and/or promoted knowledge of security practice;
    • has been involved in education relating to the practice of security;
    • has been in business which supports the security industry;
    • has actively supported the Company and its objectives;
    • has attended functions organised by the Company;
    • has a skill that would be useful to the Company and has expressed a willingness to use that skill to support and benefit the Company;
    • has demonstrated a charitable nature.