Military Affiliations

We have service affiliations with the Royal Navy, the Royal Military Police, 3 Military Intelligence Battalion, 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), the RAF Police and the Royal Air Force Regiment. The Company holds an annual luncheon in London during Armed Forces Week in June to celebrate our close and much cherished affiliation with the military units of our three Services. 


The Company’s NCO Leadership Award, the Ben Flenley Memorial Bowl, is presented annually to a non-commissioned officer of the RAF Regiment who has displayed conspicuous leadership and courage beyond the normal call of duty. The 2017 Award was presented to Flight Sergeant Ian Sheard at the 2017 Master’s Installation Luncheon.

The Company’s RAF Police Award ‘Securing the Skies’ is presented annually to a member of the RAF Police for outstanding work in support of operational duties. The 2017 Award was presented to Corporal Robert Alexander.

The Royal Military Police’s “Colonel Herring Trophy for Excellence” was presented to Sergeant Ryan Ellis.

The WCoSP Mentoring Scheme

The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals has a mentoring scheme for leavers from the military and the civilian emergency services administered by the Services Committee. The Scheme aims to help those leavers looking to find employment in the corporate security sector, either in an employed position, or as a self-employed individual. The Scheme does not seek to place an obligation on a mentee to join the WCoSP and the service is provided free of charge. Please click WCoSP Mentoring Scheme for further details. A mentee application form is available at WCoSP Mentee Form.

RAF Regiment

The Company’s first affiliation was with the RAF Regiment in September 2004. Many of our Members spent time with RAF Regiment Squadrons whilst they underwent special training prior to their deployment on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The RAF Regiment is the ground fighting force of the Royal Air Force. It provides a range of Force Protection effects underpinned by its air-minded ground fighting capabilities. Whilst providing Force Protection throughout the world for UK Air Assets, the RAF Regiment maintains high-readiness, flexible and increasingly potent contingent capability, be that from Tactical Air Control Parties, contributions to Special Forces operations (Special Forces Support Group), Joint Counter-Terrorism Training and Advisory Group or Delivering the core CBRN for UK defence.

The photographs below are of the presentation and parading of The Queen’s Colour which was presented to the RAF Regiment at RAF Honington on 20 July 2017 by His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales.

HMS Medway

HMS MEDWAY will become our new Royal Navy Affiliate during 2018. She is the second of five new and modern Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) that are being built to replace the old River Class patrol vessels, one of which was our previous affiliate, HMS SEVERN, which decommissioned last October, see below.

HMS Severn (Decommissioned)

In September 2006 the Court approved the first Royal Navy affiliation with HMS SEVERN. After fourteen years distinguished service, SEVERN was honoured at a ceremony in HM Naval Base Portsmouth on 27 October 2017 to mark the safe completion of her commission.

Please click this link to read the full report HMS Severn Decommissions.

Royal Military Police

On the 2 January 2007 the Court approved the affiliation of the Company with the Royal Military Police, part of the Adjutant General Corps of the British Army. The RMP trace their history back to the 17th century when they were given a policing responsibility for the Army when the Army was called for duty. The RMP had a very important role in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan where they operated in the front line. The Master and the Provost Marshal (Army) have each exchanged visits; as have members of the Company to HQ RMP, to establish the affiliation.

In 2011 as part of the 500th Anniversary of the Office of Provost Marshal (Army), WCoSP Liveryman Brigadier Eddie Forster-Knight presented a special sword to the Company (pictured below) and asked that the Sword be awarded annually to the individual, who in the eyes of the Master and the Court, has achieved most to promote and support the work of the Company in that year, excluding the Master and Clerk. Liveryman Neill Catton became the seventh winner of the Award in 2017 for his outstanding contribution to the Company.

RAF Police

The Court approved the affiliation of the Company with the RAF Police on 30 September 2009. The RAF Police was formed in 1918 and today provides, a key element of integrated Air Force Protection, Policing, Security and Counter Intelligence which protects the physical, intellectual and morale components of air power. The RAF Police is responsible for advising commanders on the threats to the RAF from terrorism, espionage and crime, and recommending and implementing appropriate countermeasures to protect personnel and other critical assets. It also conducts criminal and security investigations and works closely with the civil police and other agencies.

The photograph below is of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales presenting the Firmin Sword of Peace to the Provost Marshal (RAF), Group Captain Steve Horne at RAF Honington on 20 July 2017.

3 Military Intelligence Battalion

At a Court meeting on 27 September 2012, it was agreed 3 Military Intelligence Battalion should be invited to become an affiliate of our Company.

3 Military Intelligence Battalion is an Army Reserve unit under the operational command of 1 Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade within Force Troops Command and is based in London and Cambridge.

The Battalion is extremely operationally focussed, with a very large number of its’ officers and soldiers having completed operational deployments. In the past, the Unit has deployed personnel to Kuwait, the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Iraq, most recently to Afghanistan and in support of operations in Libya.

They also support deployed personnel working within the London area. When deployed they are completely integrated with and work alongside their Regular Army Intelligence Corps counterparts.

101 (City Of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

At a Court meeting on 30 September 2015, it was agreed that 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (101 Engr Regt (EOD) should be invited to become an affiliate of our Company.

101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) is a hybrid regiment (comprising both regular and reserve squadrons), primarily based in Wimbish, Saffron Walden. The Regiment has a strong operational pedigree, having provided Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal teams to neutralise the threat of German bombs during World War II, whilst more recently its’ personnel routinely supported operations in Afghanistan, dealing with the pernicious improvised explosive device (IED) at the coalface. The Regiment is currently deployed in Iraq, training Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers in their fight against the so called Islamic State. It also remains involved in rendering safe World War II bombs that continue to be discovered around London.

The reserve squadrons, 221 Field Squadron and 579 Field Squadrons provide high assurance search from their centres at Catford and Tunbridge Wells respectively.

101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) was publicly granted ‘City Privileged Regiment’ status at the City’s most prestigious event, The Lord Mayor’s Show, on Saturday 14 November 2015. The photograph below was taken at the unveiling of the Regiment’s Privileged Status badge in Guildhall.