The Sheriffs’ Award

The Award is unique and highly prestigious. The winner will receive a trophy, a framed citation of their act and a cheque for £2,500. By order of the Sheriffs, their names are permanently inscribed on an Honours Board and in a Book of Honour which are on permanent display at the Central Criminal Court – ‘The Old Bailey’.

The award was instituted by the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals after the London bombings in 2005 and is awarded annually by the Sheriffs’ of the City of London.

The search for nominations begins in February each year at the Old Bailey during a ceremony presided over by the Sheriffs. Later in the year the Sheriffs select the principal recipient and a deserving list of commendations.
Nominations will be judged by the Sheriffs of the City of London in late August in order that the recipients can receive their awards at our Annual Dinner and Common Hall.

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The Recipient Of The 2019 Award Joby Reeve

On Saturday 11th August 2018 two off duty police officers heard the sounds of screaming coming from the street outside their home.

Being off duty and therefore not having his personal protection equipment, radio, or indeed any shoes on his feet, Detective Constable Joby Reeve ran outside and quickly realised that a member of the public had just been assaulted and robbed by a gang of four on mopeds.

Joby launched himself at the two people on one of the mopeds and managed to force them to the ground.

As he and the two robbers stood up, one produced an eight-inch bladed knife. The robber went to stab Joby and, from the angle at which the knife was held, it was evident he was intending to stab him in the chest.

Joby therefore kicked at the robber with all the force he could muster, the result being that he managed to push the robber back slightly, causing the knife to miss Joby’s chest, but instead stabbing him in the top of the thigh.

Notwithstanding his injury, Joby then stood his ground between the armed robbers and their original victim, forcing their retreat.

They fled and were subsequently arrested.

Thankfully Joby has now almost recovered from the injury he sustained, although he still has nerve damage.

The Sheriffs of the City of London have decided that Detective Constable Joby Reeve, of the City of London Police, is the very worthy recipient of the 2019 Sheriffs Award for Bravery.

I commend him to you all.

Award Holders

Year Bravery Award Community Award
2006 Muhammad Arshad Khalil
2007 Susan Porter
2008 Eileen Watts
2009 Christopher Rothwell Walter Roberts
2010 PC Colin Swan Yesim Deveci
2011 Mark Peskett London Fire Brigade ‘LIFE’ course
2012 Rhys Llywelyn Evans
2013 Tom Temple
2014 John Wayre
2015 Zoe Brown
2016 Matthew Smith
2017 PC Wayne Marques
2018 David Burgess
2019 DC Joby Reeve
2020 Richard Dimmack