The Whittington Course

The Whittington Course, commenced in 2002, evolved from an original idea by Alderman Sir David Brewer CMG LL, to provide children from underprivileged backgrounds with an insight into the many and varied employment and career opportunities in the City of London.

In adopting the title of the Whittington Course, it was Alderman Brewer’s intent to demonstrate that irrespective of class or background, through hard work and diligence in their exams and through correctness in their way of life, they too, like Dick Whittington and Sir David, could aspire to the City’s highest positions.

It was also important that whilst providing a memorable day in the City, the Course gave the children a taste of modern day business life whilst linking traditional City values with a sense of history and authority. The ultimate objective was to encourage them to look beyond the constraints of their own social environment whilst inspiring and motivating them with positive images of the City and its workers.

Whittington Course students come from Bexley Business Academy.