Young Members’ Group

The Young Members’ Group (YMG) comprises members of the Company aged 21 to 40. They benefit from substantially reduced fines, fees and quarterage as can be seen in the Membership FAQs.

Structure & Strategy

The Young Members’ management structure is as follows:

  • Chairman Jade Davies
  • Vice Chairman Tilly Sherwood
  • Secretary Harry Richardson
  • Treasurer Frederick Carter
  • Hugh Pickering-Carter
  • Kiyomi Ran
  • Devon Johnson
  • Dominic McClaren
  • David MacQuarrie – The Whittington Course


The focus of the committee is to build an engaged, socially active group with strong regular attendance at company events: a group where new members, apprentices and young members can network for knowledge. We want young members, both male and female, to feel they have a place where questions can be asked and information shared in a relaxed non-formal environment.

Additionally, the YMG will encourage its Young Members to engage in activities that promote the Company’s values, with focus on supporting the charitable and educational endeavours of the company. We will also look inwards to support our young members in a variety of ways, by making attendance to company events more affordable and progression within the company more attainable.

Similarly, a bond has been developed with the apprentices of the company to encourage their continued and active involvement with the YMG and the wider Company once they have completed their apprenticeships.


The Young Members’ Group offers its current and prospective Young Membership:

  • Regular social and educational events of interest.
  • An active social media platform in which to engage with our membership.
  • Regular communications to inform the membership of our upcoming events, activities and charitable initiatives.
  • Opportunities for involvement with the Young Members’ Group and to contribute to our role within the livery.
  • Assisting young members with subsided ticketing to wider company events.
  • Creating opportunities for young members to submit material for publication in the WCoSP Newsletter.
If you would like to find out more or would like to meet members of the committee, please contact